Our journey began with a profound experience that shaped our commitment to excellence.

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In 2012, we found ourselves immersed in a complex case involving an unfortunate incident at a truck stop. This pivotal moment led to the birth of Primacy.

Core Focus: Protecting Trucking Companies’ Resources & Reputation

Niche: Occupied Vehicle Claims

Captivated by the power and significance of the word “primacy,” we embraced it as the essence of our business. At Primacy Risk Services, we believe in the importance of urgency and prioritize what is primary and preeminent in our investigations, particularly when conducted early.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in investigations is rooted in the belief that understanding the primacy of facts is paramount. Join us on this journey, where urgency matters, and the pursuit of truth is our primary focus.

Who Primacy Serves:

You’re focused on running your business. Dealing with rising claim frequency and severity is a full-time job. Primacy can represent you and protect you from billboard attorneys before they deal another blow to your bottom line.

Competition is fierce in the Program space. Claim results can be the difference between keeping existing members and attracting new ones. Primacy can drive down claims costs by paying immediate attention to every accident.

Even the best Safety program cannot stop every accident. Our post-loss expertise, coupled with your pre-loss strategies, can be a difference-maker. Primacy also offers Risk Management Services such as claim audits and risk assessments to help drive on-scene behavioral change that can result in lower claims costs.

Our Team

Tomas Amaya

Tomas Amaya

Claims Manager

Brittany Becker

Claims Manager

Matt Campbell

Claims Investigator

Danny Crasto

Claims Director

Joe Goske

Claims Director

Bob Henderson

Director, Strategy and Technology

Joe Hozian

Claims Investigator

andrew kozlowski

Claims Manager

Bryan Liberatore

Chief Operating Officer

John Liberatore

Founder and President

Paula Liberatore


Taylor Long

Claims Manager

Ken Muellauer

Claims Investigator II

Jorge Orellana

Claims Manager

Brent Souliere

Claims Manager

Lisa Steele

Accounting Manager

Sarah Steele


David Taylor

David Taylor

Claims Manager

Ben Tercek

Claims Manager

Ken Williamson

Senior Claims Manager

Our team is focused on delivering exemplary service.

Every team member embodies our core values:

Highly responsive

Be available and effective for our clients in the times when they need us most.

Highly Responsive


Always deliver professional, high-quality services.

Esprit de Corps

We are a highly-functioning team, supporting one another with loyalty and mutual respect.


We strive to be creative in delivering value and solutions for our clients.

Our History

The name Primacy came to mind when I became involved in the following claim for an old customer, circa 2012. A truck (the insured’s truck) was parked inside a garage at a truck stop. Parked next to the insured truck was another truck owned by an Independent Contractor who, curiously, was working on his truck (curious because this was inside the truck stop garage).
Our driver was having work done on his truck and had gone inside the truck stop for dinner or shower as I recall. When he returned to his truck he climbed in, started the engine, and let it idle. Unbeknownst to our driver, the other driver was trying to retrieve a part from his truck that rolled under the insured trailer. He crawled under our trailer. Our driver pulled out and, in the process, seriously injured the independent contractor.
The independent contractor was rushed to the hospital where he ultimately expired. What we learned later was that no less than 5 physicians examined the decedent. When I was at the mediation it was offered by Plaintiff Counsel, in an attempt to emphasize the conscious pain and suffering aspect of the claim, that 5 different physicians offered their view of the effect of the injury and ultimately the death of the patient.

However, our Mediator, who I recall was an Army Major in the Reserves, commented on the 5 doctors and said that what the first physician noted was “primacy”. That word caused me to stop and think but I had an immediate sense-and this is the weird part-that the word “primacy” would be part of my future, kind of like laying eyes on a woman and having an immediate sense that you 2 will have a future together!

I asked the Mediator for the definition of the word primacy and not only did he cite the meaning he also applied it perfectly to the case. What mattered in our case was what or who was first when we considered the small army of physicians. It was the first physician whose opinion mattered, not the others since physicians 2 through 5 never spoke with the decedent; they only viewed his remains and his charts, etc. I really took a shine to the word primacy for what I wanted to do with my business, what I wanted the new name to convey. I just believed then as I do now that urgency really does matter and that which is primary and preeminent is the investigation, particularly
when done early.

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