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Primacy's Core Services

Claim Management

24/7 claim management. Our dedicated claim management team acts immediately and decisively to minimize your liability, exposure, and associated costs.

Virtual Investigations

Digitally recorded statements of non-injury are the gold standard in accident investigations. Our team of expert accident investigators work tirelessly to get to claimants and witnesses quickly in order to give you the tools needed to challenge claims made against you.

Safety and Risk Consulting

Get ahead of accidents. Primacy will analyze your accident data and engage your entire team to prevent future losses.

Who Primacy Serves:

You’re focused on running your business. Dealing with rising claim frequency and severity is a full-time job. Primacy can represent you and protect you from billboard attorneys before they deal another blow to your bottom line.

Competition is fierce in the Program space. Claim results can be the difference between keeping existing members and attracting new ones. Primacy can drive down claims costs by paying immediate attention to every accident.

Even the best Safety program cannot stop every accident. Our post-loss expertise, coupled with your pre-loss strategies, can be a difference-maker. Primacy also offers Risk Management Services such as claim audits and risk assessments to help drive on-scene behavioral change that can result in lower claims costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 30 minutes we acknowledge receipt and advise who will handle the claim for you.

Between 5 pm and midnight during the week we have someone working on new reported claims that come in. On the weekend we have someone working on new reported claims. We also have a call center taking accident calls between midnight and 8 am. We don’t wait until tomorrow and we don’t wait until Monday.

When we see the injuries claimed do not match with the impact, we utilize science to confirm the impact and to visually recreate the accident (animation) to prove that the forces were insufficient to have resulted in an injury. We share the report and animation with the Plaintiff Attorney.

It’s our customers money we are dealing with, therefore, we explain our assessment frequently as well as to gather additional information (driver, truck, trailer). Our job is to investigate, know the accident well, and make recommendations. From there we execute. 

Our Adjusters have less than half the industry average in their pending claims. We do this because we know the importance of responding to accidents and to provide the best service to our customers. 

Primacy Core Values

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