Safety and Risk Consulting

Don’t just react to accidents. Prevent them.

What is Safety and Risk Consulting?

Regardless of the outcome, accidents cost you money. You need to be proactive. We can help you prevent accidents, reduce cost of loss, and save lives.

What's Included?

We investigate your accident data to determine your most common and costly accidents and why they happen. Then, we get to work preventing them.
Once we determine the cause of your accidents, it’s time to take action. We’ll provide clear and easy-to-implement next steps to reduce your risk.
We will engage your entire company to increase safety, reduce risk, and prevent accidents.
You’re spending too much time handling your own claims and insurance provider. We can give you hours of your week back and reduce your deductibles and premiums.

How To Work With Primacy

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Primacy is here to reduce your risk and prevent accidents. If you want to get started, book your meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 30 minutes we acknowledge receipt and advise who will handle the claim for you.

Between 5 pm and midnight during the week we have someone working on new reported claims that come in. On the weekend we have someone working on new reported claims. We also have a call center taking accident calls between midnight and 8 am. We don’t wait until tomorrow and we don’t wait until Monday.

When we see the injuries claimed do not match with the impact, we utilize science to confirm the impact and to visually recreate the accident (animation) to prove that the forces were insufficient to have resulted in an injury. We share the report and animation with the Plaintiff Attorney.

It’s our customers money we are dealing with, therefore, we explain our assessment frequently as well as to gather additional information (driver, truck, trailer). Our job is to investigate, know the accident well, and make recommendations. From there we execute. 

Our Adjusters have less than half the industry average in their pending claims. We do this because we know the importance of responding to accidents and to provide the best service to our customers. 

Primacy Core Values

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