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Through immediate and aggressive post-accident claim management, Primacy helps trucking companies keep the money where it belongs!

in the trucking industry...

You’re Dealing with A Lot Of Headaches:

Rising Cost Of Claims And Premiums​

Plaintiff attorneys drive up the cost of claims with outrageous demands and tactics. Unchecked attorneys drive up your premiums, negatively impacting your bottom line.​

Rising Need for Resources

Regardless of the size of your organization, complex claims require specialized resources to stop attorneys in their tracks.

Rising Pressures on the Bottom Line

Margins are tight. Plaintiff Attorneys and their outrageous demands impact the entire organization, from the Owner to the Drivers, making it harder to achieve your objectives.


We Keep Your Money Where It Belongs!

Immediate Response

We’re there when you need us. We respond to your claims immediately, any day and any time. This approach allows us to get to work while the information is fresh.

Aggressive Approach

The plaintiffs will be aggressive. We’ll match that energy. We challenge every aspect of the claim and work to recover your damages.

Scientific Breakdown of Accident

Fueled By Science

We use cutting edge technology and methodologies to conduct digital force analysis of your accidents. This allows us to disprove frivolous medical claims made against you.

Who Primacy Serves:

You’re focused on running your business. Dealing with rising claim frequency and severity is a full-time job. Primacy can represent you and protect you from billboard attorneys before they deal another blow to your bottom line.

Competition is fierce in the Program space. Claim results can be the difference between keeping existing members and attracting new ones. Primacy can drive down claims costs by paying immediate attention to every accident.

Even the best Safety program cannot stop every accident. Our post-loss expertise, coupled with your pre-loss strategies, can be a difference-maker. Primacy also offers Risk Management Services such as claim audits and risk assessments to help drive on-scene behavioral change that can result in lower claims costs.

How to work with primacy

1. You Send us a claim

Via our Submit Assignment button on our website or by sending us an email.

2. We Review and Assign

Your claim is reviewed within minutes of submission and assigned to our adjusters for further investigation.

3. You Keep What's Yours

Get peace of mind knowing that we will conduct all the necessary steps to keep the money where it belongs.
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