When Would You Like To Know?

A simple question that gets to the heart of the conundrum in the claim industry is, post-loss, if someone were to be truly injured or if someone was predisposed to an injury and litigation, When would you like to know? Is a week, several weeks or a month acceptable?

Picture a reporter standing with the athlete immediately after a big game and they ask the typical questions centered around “How did you feel?” or “What did you think?” No sense waiting for hours to go by, you want information directly and immediately from the Injured Worker or 3rd Party Claimant before they have time to be influenced regarding their view of liability and whether they were injured and an explanation of exactly how they were injured.

A recent claim file we reviewed had photos of the Claimant vehicle including the license plate yet the Adjuster stated in their Notes that they were unable to locate the Claimant’s name, address and phone number. Did they not have access to databases where you can ID the owner of a vehicle with a license plate number? Zeal for the immediate rendition of anyone injured and especially those who stretch the truth will be a guide for a quick and thorough investigation.

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