Why After Accident Verbal, Recorded Statements Are a Key Resource in Settling Claims

When a commercial automobile accident occurs, urgency in gathering information and the version of all those involved is critical to the outcome of your claim. However, in today’s insurance industry, the speed and conclusiveness of this process is mediocre at best.

Insurance adjusters are typically tasked with managing numerous cases at once and don’t have the necessary time to thoroughly investigate a specific incident, to follow through to a conclusion as to whether the claimed facts are possible. If they have the time, they often lack the resources or expertise to gather in-depth data or the authority to spend the necessary dollars to continue to develop the investigation. This is problematic for many reasons, the greatest concerning factor being that for every minute that goes by after an accident, the facts and documentation begins to expire, making it more difficult to reveal the facts.

Our mantra is: Information is Perishable. Act NOW!

At Primacy Risk Services, we’ve developed aggressive techniques to get information fast. One of the most effective tools we employ is using verbal, recorded statements from all parties involved in the auto-collision. Obtaining these statements begins to the placing together the concrete, real-time evidence to ultimately determine what exactly and truthfully happened. Recorded statements help us assess liability to assess who is ultimately responsible. We ask smart questions, listening intently, and follow up to understand the whole picture. We want to know who was injured and who was not, what areas of the body were injured, and what those parties recall from the incident.

How It Works

We use unrivaled techniques and technology to get in contact with people very, very quickly. When we receive an accident report, often times the only information provided is the license plate numbers of the parties involved. We are able to take this limited information and use our investigative processes to identify who that vehicle is registered to, find their phone number, and get in contact with them. Most insurance companies wait for this information from the police report which often times take weeks to obtain.

Interviewing someone during the recorded statement helps us build the whole picture of the incident. This can expedite the case substantially, shortening the length of time of the claim and keeping costs significantly down. We work to speak to all parties quickly before they have time to discuss the incident with someone else who may influence them.

Avoiding Fraudulent Claims

Unfortunately, the majority of claims we see in the industry are fraudulent, resulting in people alleging that a preexisting condition is related to the current accident. When days or weeks pass before a claim has been settled, people begin to scheme and think about how they can get the most out of the situation or skew the story for their benefit. Our team excels in finding deception and uncovering the truth because of the aggressive and fast way we conduct our investigations. At Primacy Risk Services, our laser-focused team offers quick turnaround and thorough data to dramatically reduce the length and cost of a claim. Employing our unrivaled methods, like recorded statements, makes us an unbeatable asset to your claims department.

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