Why Primacy? We Discover the Truth, Fast!

Primacy Risk Services is a virtual transportation claim department dedicated to immediately responding to any vehicular accident or employee injury. We are laser-focused on aggressively investigating claims to detect fraud at the earliest possible time to avoid litigation or reduce the chance of litigation. We do by intimidating with facts to vastly improve the outcome/payments of all incidents and accidents for our customers.

Primacy Risk Services is a virtual transportation claims department.

As leaders in claim management and risk consulting services, we understand the challenges of the industry and the need for immediate and consistent investigation. We give losses the attention they require, often times revealing information an insurance adjuster may not have time to uncover.

Committed, Consistent, and Responsive

We are trained skeptics that utilize, when necessary, science, technology, and veracity to bring truth to the surface quickly. It’s our mission to educate and provide recommendations to our customers to help them make more effective risk management decisions to minimize each occurrence.

Our name says it best. Primacy—that which is first, in every occasion, is the truth.

If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to carve out the fraud from your liability and workers’ compensation claims, you need Primacy. Contact us today.

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