Don’t bring a boy to do a man’s job! Unless you have a state-of-the-art, fully functioning CRYSTAL BALL you simply do not know how your next claim/accident will eventually resolve. The best approach is “muscle”, or investigative savvy; a vendor that knows how to get all the evidence quickly detailed and preserved in anticipation of […]

Why After Accident Verbal, Recorded Statements Are a Key Resource in Settling Claims


When a commercial automobile accident occurs, urgency in gathering information and the version of all those involved is critical to the outcome of your claim. However, in today’s insurance industry, the speed and conclusiveness of this process is mediocre at best. Insurance adjusters are typically tasked with managing numerous cases at once and don’t have […]

Why Primacy? We Discover the Truth, Fast!

Primacy Risk Services is a virtual transportation claim department dedicated to immediately responding to any vehicular accident or employee injury. We are laser-focused on aggressively investigating claims to detect fraud at the earliest possible time to avoid litigation or reduce the chance of litigation. We do by intimidating with facts to vastly improve the outcome/payments […]

Could An Injury Have Resulted From a Low-Speed Collision?

When we receive a claim, any early red flags cause us to work even quicker by using simultaneous investigation tools available to us; such as social media and background checks. A common scenario in which we see this occur are injuries alleged in a low-speed collision. We have developed a process that provides insurmountable hard […]

Effective Tactics Used to Manage Workers’ Compensation Claims

Primacy Risk Services brings an effective medical component to Workers’ Compensation claims. In an industry where insurance adjusters are responsible for as many as 200 cases at a time, adjusters’ precious time is often taken up with administrative functions. Or, the adjuster may not have access to the medical research allowing them to question a […]

When Would You Like To Know?

A simple question that gets to the heart of the conundrum in the claim industry is, post-loss, if someone were to be truly injured or if someone was predisposed to an injury and litigation, When would you like to know? Is a week, several weeks or a month acceptable? Picture a reporter standing with the […]

Pay Us Now or Pay Them Later

The fast-rising cost of Truck insurance is being driven by higher claim settlements and jury verdicts, the result of relentlessness and cunning of the aggressive plaintiff bar. Added to the mix are the Private Equity firms financing attorney represented bodily injury claims and it is now imperative that new tactics in claims are needed. Hoping […]